Action Games

Looking for a good Action games? Get ready for some genuinely heart-pounding experience! This is the largest collection of Action games online.
Take your best shot at the apple just like the title of the game - Apple Shooter Remaster. This game is the upgrade version of the classic Aplle Shooter. ...
You are a solider who is trying to eliminate all the enemies and complete the mission. Collect the items you see in the way to power up and try to ...
Click to swing to the finish line and remember not to lose any body part of your character. Watch out for the dangerous obstacles on the way and collect the ...
Eliminating all the enemies is your mission. Find them and kill as fast as you
Aim carefully and shoot down your
Aim correctly and shoot down all of the targets you see to complete the mission Use your mouse to
Kill the targets on the minimap to complete the
Drive quick to the pick up spot, and then drop them to their destination which must be bus station of different cities. Enjoy free world
Avoid the all the traps to go to the final destination Hold your mouse to make your car go and release to
In Horik Viking, there are 6 levels that will challenge you to beat it all the monsters like skeletons and collect all the stars and hearts. Complete ...
Kill all the enemies are heading to you. Clicl Space to shoot and arrow keys to turn left or
Take control of the combat space and fight hordes of space pirates. Improve your power and unlock achievements to win the
Help the survivors to reach the safe zone.  This is an awesome driving game in which you have to survive in a world full of obstacles, bullets, and
Activate booster to make your run easier Hold Spacebar or click to make the car go right Release Spacebar or click to make the car go left Steer the car ...
Slide to shoot the enemies before they kill you. Each time you kill an enemy, you will earn coins to upgrade yourself. Collect as many coins as you can to
Shoot to go as far as you can and reach the finish
Aim carefully and shoot as fast as you can to the opponent. Use you rmouse to
Make a good juice by the fruit you get. Throw the knife to all the fruits you see in the game. Use your mouse to