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Fight left: Tap left when the enemy point turns white and enemy is close Fight right: Tap right when the enemy point turns white and enemy is
Press WASD keys or arrow keys to drive the car; Space bar to use the
Your mission is eliminate the biggest tank of your opponent before it kills you first. Use your mouse to
As a special warrior, you have several powerful areas of effect damage skills with cooling time. You could buy some powerful weapons including swords or guns with the money you ...
Click to make the stickman
Come to the street fight and take down all the enemies you see Take the weapons on the road to attack or you can beat them on your bare hands ...
Aim and shoot as fast as you can to your opponent to eliminate them and go to the next round Use your mouse to aim and
Click to move up and avoid all the traps that may make you lose the game All the instruction are on the
Complete the missions by shooting down the given target. Mouse wheel(scroll)->Zoom WASD or Arrow keys->Move the
Use Space bar to punch the
Run as fast as you can to win the race. Use your mouse to
Cops, gangs and snipers are all going up against one another in this intense multiplayer action game. Find a weapon and get ready for battle. 
Kill all the monsters by your weapon: a bazooka and a rifle. Use your mouse to
Your mission is attacking your enemies or defending your turf from them in this first-person shooter game. Head up into the hills and get ready for the fight of ...
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